This project is read-only.
This app transmits information about you to only to the extent that is necessary for the functioning of this app.
This app is not officially affiliated with Readability's privacy policy defines what information it stores and how it is used. For more information about, see and
The Windows Store also automatically collects crash reports and debugging information. The Windows Store's storage and usage of this data is governed by their terms of use. The developer of Readability (unofficial) also has access to these crash reports. None of your personally identifiable information is transmitted in these crash reports.
When this app makes web requests to websites, including Readability and websites that host the articles you read, incidental information about your computer, such as its IP address, is exposed in the same way that that information is exposed when you browse the web.
Finally, and most importantly, this app is open source. You can view the source here:, and you or someone you trust can verify that this app does not mishandle or abuse your information and privacy.

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